What is a Gofer?

What is a Gofer?


Some say that the term Gofer came from an animal, while others speculate that it’s a code for a secret military project. Well, it’s time to end all the speculations and tell you why we chose the name Gofer.

The name Gofer comes from the wordplay between Go and For.  Usually, they are people or employees that handle procurement or in short deliveries. It’s a cute wordplay and it also sounds like the gopher animal which is cute and considered to be hardworking.

The term is rarely used and others would call them delivery boys instead, but we like to challenge the status quo by bringing back its real name. Also, it has that nice ring and recalls to it.(Marketing 101 guys, marketing 101).

So now you know, why we chose the name Gofer.

We like to share our stories with everyone, it’s a way for you understand where we’re going and what our goal is. So in a way, this is one of those “getting to know you” stages in life.

So get ready for speedy deliveries and awesome service cause the Gofer Bike is here and remember, don’t move cause we’ll do it for you.

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