Gofer FAQ


  1. What is Gofer?
    A. Gofer is an eco-friendly bike delivery service.
  2. Where is Gofer located?
    A. Gofer is located at Unit 2108 88 Corporate Center, 141 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines.
  3. What are the prohibited items for shipping?
    People or animals of any size, Alcohol, Illegal Item, Fragile Items, Very expensive or rare items, Dangerous Items (weapons, explosives, flammable, etc.) and Stolen goods (any items).
  4. How do I contact Gofer customer service?
    You can contact/book a Gofer here:
      Call : + 632 263 – 4080
    SMS : 917 522 4180
    Email : goferph@gmail.com / jezza@tagcash.com
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/goferbike/ (Message)
    Website: goferbike.com
  5. Do you pick-up/deliver outside Makati? Metro Manila?
    For now, we only pick-up/deliver within Makati and nearest neighboring cities with higher fee of service.
    We can do all of Metro Manila should the need arises, however, we want to concentrate in Makati and nearby cities for now.
  6. How do I know if my booking is confirmed?
    A. You will be given a reference number. You can reconfirm your reference number by contacting us.
  7. Operating hours and cut-off time?
    A. We operate on weekdays from 9am to 5pm ( we do accommodate “overtime” booking but subject for review )
  8. Product weight (Limits)
    Not greater than 30 Pounds.
  9. Do you have your own packaging? or we’ll provide for it?
    A. Users will be asked to provide their very own packaging.
  10. Rates?
    We are offering an introductory rate of Php 75/way for services within Makati and BGC and outside of this would be between Php 100 to P125/way. We do have packaged rates for frequent or regular customers ( inquire now)
  11. How do you handle consumer electronic products and accessories?
    We do utmost care on delivering consumer electronics and accessories as well as we are insured for damages. We also update both the recipient and sender on the status of the delivery
  12. Our head office for pickup is at greenhills. Do you pickup from here?
    A. We are pleased to assure you that all deliveries made by us are handled with care and utmost safety. You may refer to our conditions on lost, damaged packages: (Please see Gofer policy)
  13. How safe is our package? Are your delivery men capable people?
    We call our delivery men as Gofers and yes, they are a capable bunch of professionals. To know more of our Gofers and their methods, check out our blog.
  14. If you’re willing to pickup at Greenhills.. Where is more specific locations that you can cover?
    A. And yes we are willing to pick up in Greenhills, may we ask what will be the frequency of this so we can give you an exclusive package for our Gofer service?
  15. How long are you in this business?
    A. Well, we can cater to your Metro Manila deliveries and Pickups then. We are a start-up business and has been in operation since May of this year only with so much success that we ever expected.
  16. Do you have existing clients for a reference?
    We have generated a number of clients who can vouch for our service.
  17. Are booked deliveries cancellable?
    Yes, you can cancel booked deliveries. However, late cancellations will have to be paid by the customer. This is to avoid nuisance deliveries.
    A.1 A late cancellation will only happen when Gofer texts the user that the delivery is on the way. If the user cancels the delivery after receiving the text, then it would be deemed as a late cancellation.
  18. Do you accept advance booking?
    A. Yes, you can book ahead of time.
  19. What if the package gets broken in the middle of a delivery?
    A. We have an insurance policy that handles broken deliveries
  20. What are the Payment methods that we can use?
    A. Cash-on-Delivery
    B. Tagcash wallet (Log-in to www.tagcash.com and must have enough balance).
    C. 7-11 (7 Connect) *Must have a Tagcash Account; fund it through 7Connect and PAY
    D. via SMS (TAG wallet must have a balance)
                Text: C(#)TAG Gofer ID(#)Amount
    Example: C#1351#75 and send to: +63 916 726 2547
  21. What is the other way of booking a Gofer?
    A. You can contact / book a Gofer here:
          Call : 263 – 4080 / 937 374 4922
    Email: goferph@gmail.com/ goferph1@gmail.com / jezza@tagcash.com
    SMS : 0917 522 4180
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/goferbike/ (Message)
    Website : http://goferbike.com/
    Tagcash App : delivery service (under development)

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