Gofer, Always on the Go! At Blogapalooza 2016 Horizons 2.0

When we folks here at Gofer heard about the latest Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 “Charting the Uncharted” we jumped at the chance to be part of their year-end’s milestone in connecting with Business-to-Blogger networking in helping to find potential partners and help alleviate their brands. At our core, we are fast and secure couriers when it comes to pick-ups and deliveries, but our always on the go bookings via cashless payments courtesy of Tagcash are always a swell option for businesses and clients alike! See our eminent Gofers Oli and Wendell manning the Gofer booth during Blogapalooza:



The day is not complete without bloggers and attendees were given the low down by our gofers on how we are fast, safe, and prompt when it comes to pick-ups and deliveries:


Also, when you become a loyal Gofer customer, you can be able to get a chance to earn great rewards and discounts. Every time you take advantage of our expedient services our Tagcash online payment system will get to store your transactions and turn it into points for discounts! We’re glad to have met you at Blogapalooza 2.0, and for more information get in touch with us at goferph@gmail.com or call us at (02) 263 40 80! Click here Gofer FB page.


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