Gofer Trick or Treat

gofer hal
Heads-up fellow ghouls and ghost-folk alike during this Halloween season, Gofer’s courier and delivery services are on the prowl and mind you, we’re out and about not only for your deliveries but of a trick or treat or two! Bikers haunt and pedal around the bustling street of metro-Makati so go ahead and greet them with a Boo! And receive a treat to your heart’s delight, don’t worry they won’t trade your soul for something!



Big or small, just remember we’ll take care of your pick-ups and deliveries. It’s time you booked a gofer:


Call : (02) 263 40 80

SMS : +63 905 512 6523

Email: goferph@gmail.com


Enjoy All Hallows Eve, one and all!


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