Gofer Services

Gofer is now covering different services and the origin point is in City of Makati. Here are the Gofer Services: Pickup and Delivery Bills Payment & Bank Transactions Pets Storage Pabili Service Note: *Standby Gofers has a fee of Ph50.00 per hour. **Please email us for your request Discounted Rate. Contact us for inquiries. Book… Continue reading Gofer Services

Gofer Holiday gifts

Gofers gave out gifts to their regular clients. Remember Gofer will take care of your pick-ups and deliveries, whether it's big or small. It’s time for you to book a gofer and be one of our regular clients: Call : (02) 263 40 80 SMS : +63 917 522 4180 Email:   Happy Holidays… Continue reading Gofer Holiday gifts

Gofer Trick or Treat

Heads-up fellow ghouls and ghost-folk alike during this Halloween season, Gofer’s courier and delivery services are on the prowl and mind you, we’re out and about not only for your deliveries but of a trick or treat or two! Bikers haunt and pedal around the bustling street of metro-Makati so go ahead and greet them with a Boo!